Abby is the ugliest /v/ chatter.

She appeared in vc during E3 2015 and annoyed the fuck out of everybody by constantly spouting something about being hyped for Fallout 4 which spoilers: turned out to be shit.

Constantly antagonizing everybody in chat she earned a special place in roboto's quotes.txt:

Abby hof

a lot of work went into those asterisks

The quote on line 68 hints at what became another amusing period of her existance in chat: the I-am-really-thirsty-for-yaz phase, in which Abby attached herself to Yaz, but was ultimately shutdown because he too realized that she is really fucking difficult to deal with.

Another significant mannerism of Her is portrayed in line 73: Her unmatched debating skills. To be honest, I can't be bothered to describe it in full detail here, but I don't have to. All you need to do in order to find out why peak discourse has become the #1 catchphrase associated with her is join chat and start a discussion when she's around.


As of October 16, 2018, it has been 8269 days since she has gone without a GED.

List of most used words:

  • Ass*
  • Baid
  • Banter*
  • Bonerific
  • Depression
  • Discourse
  • Fug
  • Funderful
  • Kek
  • Literally
  • Mom
  • Neet
  • Peak
  • Pedo
  • Pls
  • Prosp
  • Psych ward
  • Rebuttal *
  • Remark*
  • Shitlord
  • Thanks
  • tfw

[* Denotes usually preceded by the word "Nice..."]