Choji holding her favorite manga anthology featuring Naruto.

Anime is entertainment of the worst kind and afflicts Autism to all those who watch it, in particular cases of extreme exposure shown in users Rimisu and MBMM.

Anime is simply wrong, with plots ranging from the pseudo-intellectual, to the cheap 3 PM sitcom. Honestly there is nothing remarkable about anime, and its worst quality is that it tries to hide these flaws behind shabby characters whose excuse for progress is moving from antagonists to allies and vice versa, this while pulling some pathetic speech that is supposed to supplant credible reasons. The average gay-bo recognizes that anime is shit, and although they may enjoy it, hate it, or be completely indifferent to it, they all recognize that the medium itself, regardless of their opinion, is simply bland. 

However, these features are the ones that make anime draw autistic children and asocial lard asses of the worst kind who engage in endless shitposting both in the real world and the internet. The characters who try to be "cool" or "deep", the bright colors, the tangled plots that try to hide their superficiality and over-sexualized women do nothing but feed the escapist fantasies of these kind of individuals. While the motivations inspire pity, and the condescending tone of the plots merely feed the ego of the pre-adolescents that feel unique and special for enjoying the carnival of trash known as anime. 

Anime is basically the gateway that attracts people of the most abhorred kind to /v/ chat . Which is sufficient reason, regardless of personal opinion, to make the trolling, insulting and scaring away of anyone coming to openly discuss anime on /v/ chat a personal responsibility of any /v/ chat member. This is to prevent that there are no ongoing discussions of anime on chat that might potentially attract that unwanted plague to our little chat.

The most vocal dissenter of anime is from the user Ammo. Going beyond the call of duty, this user tags possible weebs and weeb sympathizers with the Steam nickname feature. Although his conjectures are usually formed through sheer intuition, he affirms his accusations using evidence from a user's avatar, profile, groups, and the quality of their shitposts.