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Like all Australians, the Auscuck Memelord Longhair tries to invade the parts of the world inhabited by those without Autism; unfortunately a lack of social awareness as the infliction imposes, the Auscuck Memelord Longhair is completely unaware of how shameful its presence is to other participants.

Many attempts have been made to banish the Auscuck Memelord Longhair, but it has a constant supply of nourishment from poorly brewed beers and ribs.

Presently the Auscuck Memelord Longhair is not a contamination threat as it is not known to breed; however, like its distant cousin, the Brown Shorthair Maltacuck it may begin to profess its heterosexuality and endeavor to breed.

Waba gany

Typical interaction

Please accept social responsibility in the presence of pestilent creatures such as the Auscuck Memelord Longhair, and take due diligence not to feed or encourage its breeding rituals. This includes but is not limited to allowing its ego to be perceived by chat, sympathizing with the AML, or encouraging it to do things.