Autism is prevalent in the gaming community, and some people have become indoctrinated by atypical neurology to make them better at video games. They also enjoy order, playing the same game over and over again, and cannot understand why anyone would live life differently to them.

The great Simon Baron-Cohen (lesser demon of Sacha Baron-Cohen and possibly just another identity of the master ruseman) has devised many Autism assessment tests. Luckily due to /v/'s obsession with scores, either from the Autism or from nurture (is it nature, is it nurture? Another debate for another time.) of playing video games, we can create a timeline of /v/ chat user's Autism power levels.

If you're feeling devoid of emotion and empathy, and find yourself clawing at your wrists in social situations, you too could be Autistic and find shelter in Minecraft. To find out if there's a good indication of Autism (but please note this is no substitute for a professional diagnosis) check out the Simon Baron-Cohen Autism test here:

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The control group scored 16, but this does not mean 16 is the average score of a normal person. The diagnosed group scored an average of 32, and as they've been diagnosed, this is a good indication of someone with Autistic traits. Happy Autisming!

It should be noted that the lower the score, the less Autistic the person in question is according to the test:

  1. Baidinran - 4 points
  2. Serial Bear - 7 points
  3. Podungo - 7 points
  4. Hamaham - 8 points
  5. Solomon - 8 points
  6. Cream - 9 points
  7. Tacos - 9 points
  8. Qriminal - 10 points
  9. Golden - 12 points
  10. Fed - 13 points
  11. Sean the Sheep - 13 points
  12. Smug - 14 points
  13. Oscillate - 14 points
  14. Ras - 15 points
  15. Rimisu - 15 points (potentially misleading because he's obviously autistic as fuck)
  16. ᵒᵏᵏᵏ😎👌B) - 16 points
  17. Haji - 17 points
  18. Prospector - 21 points
  19. Seansandwich - 24 points (Awaiting diagnosis)
  20. Onogatari - 25 points
  21. Abby - 38 points (Diagnosed)
  22. Blookie - 48 points (Possibly memeing)