roboto and his men outside Dustpan's residence

Chigga's entry into the halls of /v/ chat was not easy. He was mercilessly hunted by one of the admins of the group, a man known as roboto. roboto's gestapo would stop at nothing to apprehend Chigga. He would go to the ends of the earth to bind Chigga up nice and tight. One could imagine a scene from boundgods would be Chigga's fate if he didn't find shelter.

Luckily for Chigga he was found by Dustpan, the owner of /v/ chat at the time. Dustpan was able to store Chigga under the floorboards of his humble abode, until roboto's watchful eye passed over.

Chigga would go onto become one of the founding members of the Shitposters Alliance and shape /v/ chat for years to come.