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USAF Honor Guard - Rubber Chicken Bearing Test

USAF Honor Guard - Rubber Chicken Bearing Test

A video of Crash's army, Memers Sans Frontieres in training.

The movement Edit

"Here's why anime should be banned in every patriotic household: the Japanese are losers. In the 1930s and 40s, Japan was a racist empire slaughtering millions of innocent Chinese and Americans. They launched a sneak-attack on a Sunday morning, knowing that Christians would be praying, against our peaceful US Navy in Pearl Harbor. I realize history is no longer taught in American schools, and that's come about at exactly the same time as anime.

Anime, or as I call it, "Emperor Ito's Revenge", is a mind-altering form of animation that replaces reality with childish fantasy. Western animation is fantasy too, but it always has a moral compass. Tom is a cat, Jerry is a mouse. Tom wants to eat Jerry, Jerry shoots Tom in the face with a .45. And a strong moral lesson is learned.

But anime has no such morality, because it comes from the imperial Japanese (who had no morality) after they became even more nihilistic having lost the war and suffering two atomic bombs.

The far-left decided to promote the cartoons of dystopic Japan in order to brainwash young Americans. The Japanese people should've been shunned for far longer, not just long enough to rebuild themselves from being losers, but even longer, because rebuilding themselves into Japs isn't good enough. Axiom: You can't trust a Jap. And now with the tsunami, we can see how right we've been the whole time.

For every hour of anime your child has watched, give them two hours of spanking. And hopefully that will set them right."