The resident FRIEND OF CHILDREN funnyposter of /v/ chat and future inmate of the glorious people of Finland's finest correctional institution, he has the brain of a Cyka and the fighting spirit of a Ukrainian.

Cream has recently decided he's a homosexual, and is apparently a bottom.


Love Life with Suzy Lumikero Edit

Cream originally sought to take over Cherry Blossom Haiku Industries, but what he didn't count on, was falling in love with a sumptuous set of 36 CCs. The formerly known Mrs. Nowak opened Cream's eyes and heart, bringing him out of emotional slavvery, and into love.

His true passion became pleasing his new found lover and caring for his new step-son Rimisu. He relented on his quest to take over the business, instead seeking a simple life of simple pleasures. Like 36 CCs.

How cream really feels about chat Edit

cream is idling: everybody is a loser to me there
cream is idling: i know i won't be banned for it anyway
cream is idling: moderation of chat is shit
cream is idling: entire chat is shit