The Beginning Edit

Ganymede cut his teeth and made a name of himself during the chaotic-whirlwind year of 2012. He was known as a man of the people, a compassionate, kind-hearted man, and made famous for his wit and banter. Ganymede and his silver tongue were able to pry a chuckle out of the most bitter of souls.

Kingmaker Edit

Eventually in early 2013 the keys to the kingdom changed hands from one who lies with beasts to a madman; leaving our group in peril. The deranged devil known as Kaepora now fully in control used his powers to silence all of those who spoke out against him, and freezing us in limbo. Thankfully the life of the mad tyrant ended like all others. Their own hand. Kaepora found himself falling into a pit of PCP, using his final moments to orchestrate the future he directed control of the group to a manchild by the name of fatalwounds. Luckily for us his aim was not true, due to prior PCP consumption. Instead of the fat weeb, our dear Ganymede was struck with the full power of /v/ chat. Kaepora burned alive in a molten vat of PCP.

To Live and Die Edit

Following the Furry Menace and PCP Madness, the years of 2013 and 2014 were most known for their peace. Of course nothing is without fault. Ganymede had to contend with the reign of the Alexa Panic and George the Usurper. These events would weather Ganymede, turning him into the wise, steadfast leader he is known as today.

Perdition Edit

In the early months of 2015 Ganymede departed from /v/ chat to parts unknown. There have been many unconfirmed reports and sightings ever since. One of the most popular rumors was a bald-bearded man meeting Ganymede's description attempting to steal a migrant's boat, before it was sunk by one of the many automated heat-seeking turrets installed by Tony Abbott that surrounded the continent of Australia.

Others have stated that Ganymede was forced into hiding after the local law enforcement discovered he had been illegally downloading copious amounts of hardcore pornography, in the BDSM genre specifically. These claims remain unverified.