- you're a loser that needs to find some social skills -

The past and present of Gay-bo

A meeting of minds, a collective consciousness of sorrow and misery - a pain beyond imagination. Gay-bo is the union of self-help and the reflection into the abyss. Brought forth in a forgotten time by the prophet Dustpan, on a mission of enlightenment for all mankind, under the heavenly guidance of the renowned Crash.

Today Gay-bo is one of the most powerful societies in the digital space, many have been claimed by the encompassing light of Gay-bo and have broken free of their repressive shackles. Blackhawk, another prophet, continues to bring the insightful word of Gay-bo to the awaiting masses, whether they choose to listen willingly, or not.

  • Blackhawk - Keeper of the Word, The one true Prophet, Reedemer of the Fallen
  • Crash - Father of Gay-bo, The Meme Man, The Living Meme
  • Dustpan - Guardian of Gay-bo, Holder of the Key, The Swamp King