In the aftermath of the Furry Menace, the denizens of /v/ chat hailed Kaepora Gaebora as their new group owner. He was relatively popular at the time for playing a major part in getting rid of Sharksquad, but ultimately fell asunder when he made an incredibly bad moderating decision.

Time out Edit

So basically the chat was shit as usual, but there was some drama or commotion occurring and Kaepora took it upon himself to set things straight; after all, this chat is about video games, right? Unfortunately, Kaepora's genius solution was actually really dumb and disastrous. He set the chat to moderators only mode, said "Time out for 1 hour" and literally left the entire chat inoperable for a whole hour. Some of the mods objected, but the time out remained.

Daddy Day Care closes down Edit

Kaepora hadn't foreseen that people didn't like being treated like preschoolers, and returned extremely unpopular with basically everyone calling for his demotion.

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