Rimisu is the chat's worst offender of being a weeb, so much so that his mutt father left him and his whore of a mother before he was even born. At a young age he began spiralling into the black hole of watching anime, becoming more obsessed and autistic with each episode until he could no longer function like a regular human being. Seemingly, the only communication he is capable of is talking about anime with others of his kind.

His rejection by all but the worst of society led him to not go to school or have a job. In perhaps the most laughable event is that this has caused the autismlord to regress and reject normal society itself, including real friends and relationships, a career, and an education. He now firmly denies any desire to be anything other than a disabled wizard when he gets older, and assures himself that is a handsome, attractive and a normal functioning person despite being the absolute opposite. His permanent status of virgin is defended by him stating that he is asexual and virgin by choice.

Nowadays he spends most of his time drawing shitty anime drawings which only cater to the absolute degenerate portions of the internet, being autistic, watching anime, being a cuck to the point where even autistic girls on the internet are repulsed by him, and generally being a delusional piece of shit in denial who's goal is to become a wizard.

Notable Quotes:

"tfw clever and intelligent and you end up paralyzed by the weight of your genius"
"I love the irony in how they're supposedly made SO stupid that it's purposeful to get replies from the very most gullible. Supposedly. I wish I could remember where I read that tho"
"shit I think I'm more a nerd than a geek RIP"
Historical Quotes:
"Let's do it casually, Abby."
"I'll fire it up."