Skinner was a no name, low tier chat member for the many years he had inhabited it, before being taken in by the dark shitpost lord Ottar as his apprentice. Skinner learned the art of shitposting by observing ottar from afar studying all of his disingenuous contrarian baiting that seemed guaranteed to get replies, Skinner being the uninteresting chatter he was craved some sort of constant interaction with the other people he had been acquainted with for years and knew this would be the only way.

Skinner has only recently (late 2015) taken up his apprenticeship with Ottar, but has been progressing along nicely, his identity is somewhat thrown off by the daily name changes, but all of chat knows there is a new shitposting being of the lowest quality competiting for the title of most detested chat regular.

The majority of the other chat members who used to disingenuously act out in chat seemed to have curbed their shitposting, probably because they know there can only be one shitposting master, and one apprentice.