Smug is a ledge tbh. It wasn't always this way.

You can see here that Smug underwent a drastic change, whilst he used to encompass the aspects of being a ledge in that he was a fun-loving and carefree footy lad, he was yet to achieve true ledge status. Intense normiefagging had to follow.

Smug: Misunderstood Newfag or Casual Gamer Normie?

For days, if not weeks, this question has baffled V chat. For the sake of context it is important to remember that Smug rolled into chat in November 2013, surprising when one considers his unprecedented impact on the day-to-day lives of the community today, but it does throw into question his legitimacy as a V chat celebrity. Is he too new? Does he try too hard to be normie?


At what point does it stop being casual?

How could a normiefag possibly sink 1.2k hours into not only just Football Manager, but the version that is outdated by half a decade? Normies certainly do not spend their days as virtual tactical masterminds with a shrewd and effective transfer policy.Would a normie ever even consider sinking this much time into Football Manager 2011? The above are all questions that, I fear, are without answers.

Ss (2015-09-20 at 11.58.59)

Dedication to the cause; Smug never misses an opportunity to jump in the managerial hot-seat.


"I love bad bitches, that's my fucking problem and yeah, I like to fuck, I got a fucking problem" -Smug, 2016


"Smug was the single greatest friend I ever had. When I die, I want him to take over as owner" -Ganymede, Date Unknown.

The relationship between Ganymede and Smug was always complicated, but they remained firm friends up until Ganymede's disappearance in 2015. To add to the devastation of Ganymede's disappearance, a power vacuum appeared, filled by the authoritiarian Roboto, the pensive Dustpan and the shitposting Baidinran - who were far less affected by the missing Ganymede than Smug, a result of this being that Smug had little to no fight left in him. He just couldn't resist their greedy power struggle... he just didn't have the energy anymore. This has subsequently led to the chaos of modern-day V chat and the rise of figures such as Abby and Skinner. Smug did all he could and more, alas he could not hold back the river.


Smug and his top boy looking cute af