An underage /v/ chatter who joined when he was literally 12 and ever since can be found shitposting in /v/ chat. Call him gay and you'll trigger him easily. Did I mention he is a huge fucking weeb?

This dirty little sod loves to be treated rough; his favourite games in chat are hide the meat pickle, chains 'n' whips, and 'choke me til I pass out'. As such he can usually be found playing unusually punishing games such as Dark Souls; minor masochism gives him a reprieve from his major masochism.

His self harm through unironic memeing quite possibly stems from the enormous weight on his shoulders as the sole successor of Rimisu Cherry Blossom Haiku Industries. While he does not want to follow in the business, he feels obligated, going so far as to remove his own father from the picture to better emulate his predecessor.

As jailbait, Solocuck is permanently cucked, save for a few pedophiles that occasionally give him lifts to school in their transit vans.

Confuse him for Sohilman, Saruman, or call him gay and watch him speeg out of control.

Once a friend to the user Rimisu, puberty slowly set in and an awareness to peer pressure forced him to distance himself from any association of weeb to try to be part of the "cool" clique.

Origin of Name Edit

His name originated from the use of Solo and Man, a masturbatory joke formed from a conclusion at a young age that he'd never consummate with a woman and thus decided to adhere to a strict life of self-gratification - a usual attribute of being a weeb.

Adventures in Narnia Edit

It is well documented and known that Soloman is buried deep in the closet; he can often be found jerking off that weird ass Satyr that talks to all the children.