"The world would be better off without furries." - Supreme Yaz, 2012

The battle for /v/ chat and the heart of autism itself. During the joyous Golden Age of /v/ chat in 2012, a mysterious force was moving behind the scenes, and making moves to break apart and reshape the entire group into an scale covered abomination. These actions were being made by the owner of /v/ chat at the time, MZD, a furry. His plan was to sell the very soul of /v/ chat to a group called the Vederation and its leader Plaxinov. Luckily for us there was resistance to this takeover from the unfathomable horrors from beyond. There was hope.

In the beginning MZD took a young furry by the name of Superscooter under his wing. Superscooter would then go on to become the most hated furfag in all of /v/ chat. A truly despicable character. Superscooter would go on to become a moderator in the MZD Administration of the chat, causing mass panic and plotting to commence.

A resistance was brewing the belly of /v/ chat, formed by the now famous Yaz. Many were recruited by Yaz in his battle against the furries, such as: Kaepora Gaebora, Red, No301, Rasha, Ganymede, Brometheus Prime, and Dustpan. By now MZD knew he was running out of time, he had to move up the Furday Clock.

Yaz deployed his subordinates onto the battlefield. Ganymede gave sage-like advice to Yaz in his moments of need. Dustpan created propaganda posters and spread them throughout the chat. Prime unleashed chaos by shitposting wildly. And Rasha infiltrated the enemy's chatroom, giving Yaz minute-by-minute reports on their activities and movements.

In late December of 2012, MZD launched his suicide run on the chat, replacing many of the admins and moderators with handpicked furry scum from the Vederation chat. Most importantly giving Plaxinov, the owner of their chat, a right hand spot on MZD's council. Yaz knew this was the end of the chat if he didn't think fast.

Thereafter Yaz confronted MZD, alone, executing the final solution to /v/ chat's problem. A reichenbach falls situation was created. Yaz survived, the furries were purged, but he was never the same. In the end the ownership of the chat fell through many hands over the following years, but never a furry's, never again.