Yaz and Ganymede

Yaz was from a carefree time, a time where laughs were found around every corner, a time where something new and interesting was always occurring. It truly was the Golden Age of the chat. Now, this prosperous time of ours was not without its faults; our leader at the time was a furry.

For a long time this wasn't too big of an issue, we had two halves to our chatroom: text chat (where the vast majority of shitposters and furries were based) and voice chat (this was the place where anybody who was anybody stayed). Until one day the furry owner of our little hamlet became involved with the furry-leader of a group of other furries known as "Sharksqaud", you can guess what kinds of people these were. It wasn't long after our dear owner became part of this organization that we started seeing these "sharks" cross over into our body of water and gain positions as moderators in our group.

Our Prince of Persia couldn't bear another second living under the tyrannical thumb of our furry oppressor, so he took up arms and gathered a small team to reclaim our lands. The "sharksqaud" was the first to fall, including their leader. Exiled and permabanned from our group, completely decimated. Once his consorts were dispatched our furry leader was easily convinced by our hero to step down and recuse himself from this holy group.

The ending to this tale is bittersweet. The battle was won, but the war was lost. Many more events occurred following the Furry Exodus, such as: The PCP Madness and The Trans-Apocalypse, but these are stories for another time.

Yaz, in the end, left on a self-imposed expedition into the unknown. He would go on to play many terrible indie games and shitpost loudly.

The Lackeys of Yaz Edit

Over the years many people have passed through /v/ chat, but only a select amount have been taken under the wing of Yaz. These precious few would go on to be crushed and destroyed by Yaz, because when you play with fire, you're bound to be burned.

  • Prime - Once a proud admin under the MZD Administration, he would go onto become an insane schizophrenic shitposter before he was exiled from /v/ chat by Hannz in 2014. He would later return in 2016 - unchanged.
  • Shika - A well known shitposter who would partake in many outings of Dota 2 with Yaz.
  • Frederica - Most likely taken in by Yaz out of pity. Fredi lives a sad lonely existence in the Philippines. Repeatedly banned and unbanned. He often returns.